Update Your Personal Details And Preferences

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Keep Your Contact Details Up-To-Date

You can let us know any changes to your personal contact details through this form Change of Address or Contact Details Form. If you are changing your name we will need you to bring in supporting documentation.

If you are moving outside of the practice catchment area you will need to re-register at another surgery. To find a surgery close to you visit the NHS Website.  It is particularly important to re-registerto ensure you have access to a full range of medical services such as community nursing support.

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Let Us Know Your Data Sharing Preferences

To learn more about medical data collection, how your information may be used and your options we highly recommend reading our page about How Your Data is Used and Your Options, where we have tried to layout the different types of data sharing and provide links to official information provided by NHS Digital, the arm of the NHS responsible for data collection and research informed future planning. 

For quick access, below are the forms or links you need to follow to withdraw or give your consent for data sharing. If you are unsure about what preference you have previously expressed your new form will override it. 

Summary Care Record - to express your wishes regarding information shared for your medical care only, fill in this form and return to the surgery. 

Type 1 Data Opt-out - to express your wishes regarding NHS Digital data collection, fill in this form and return to the surgery.

National Data Opt-out - to learn about and express your wishes regarding the National Data Opt-out visit the NHS website directly https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/

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Update Your Clinical Record

It is always useful to keep your clinical record up-to-date. Please use this online form Updating Your Clinical Record Form to record any medical information that you are able to manage at home such as weight, height, blood pressure or to record changes to, or assess drinking or smoking habits.