Online Services

Your Options for Online Services and Prescription Ordering

Online access can be very useful, allowing you to request prescriptions, book appointments and even access medical records and test results depending on the service you choose.

There are a number of different ways you could set yourself up with online access. For NHS services you will need to create an NHS login, you can then use the NHS website or app.

There are many alternative healthcare websites and apps too like Patient Access which, like the NHS app, will soon be your best way of proving your COVID-19 vaccination status.

Below are some of your options with links to more detailed information.

Setting Up Proxy Access to Online Services

Proxy access allows patients access medical services for someone in their care, such as a child. Proxy access using specifically the NHS App can be enabled provided both patients are registered at the surgery, allowing patients to switch between views of their own profile and the other patient by clicking on ‘Linked profiles’ within the app. For more information regarding using The NHS App for this purpose visit the NHS website.

To apply for proxy access through the surgery please use the MHC Proxy Consent Form for Online Services. We will need to ensure there is explicit consent for this application and verify the identity of both parties in accordance with guidance from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Once we have set up the proxy online access it will then be available in the NHS App and in any other online service you use which provides proxy access.