As mandated in our GP contract, we have recently introduced eConsult to the Health Centre which means  we will no longer accept emails directly from patients.

What is eConsult

EConsult is an interactive online form which patients fill in when they wish to contact the surgery. Whether you need help with an administrative matter (eg sick notes, insurance forms and letters or requests for copies of records), have a prescription enquiry or wish to ask a GP or nurse a question, this is the quickest way to get help from us. EConsult was written by GPs for GPs and will ask you questions appropriate to your query to make sure that we have all the information we need to provide the help you need.  You can also attach photos to the eConsult should you need to.

Watch the short video opposite for more information.

You can see a demo version of eConsult here https://demo.

Why have the surgery introduced eConsult?

Each year all surgeries have to sign a contract with the NHS agreeing to provide primary care (GP) services to the public.

Each year the contract introduces new initiatives or hoops we must jump through which we are obliged to carry out.

From 1st April, it is part of our contract that we must use an approved eConsult provider to provide eConsultations.

Why will patients no longer be able to contact the surgery by email?

eConsult is a very efficient means of you communicating with us and each eConsult will be directly linked to your health record. This process also helps to capture important data about your current health for the Health Centre to process ensuring we are keeping your records as up to date as possible

Patients who send emails to the surgery will get a responder telling them that their email will not be read and requesting they resend using the eConsult facility on our website.

How long will it take the surgery to respond to an eConsult?

If an eConsult is received by the surgery we will respond by the end of the next working day although we will try to respond same day if we receive it in time to do so. Please remember that all of our GPs work part-time, whilst you may request a response from a particular GP, another GP may well respond in order for us to reply to you within 48 hours of your submission.

Please bear with us

Please be gentle with us as we introduce this new way of working. It may need a few tweaks before we get it right but studies have proved that in the long-term it is of benefit to both patients and surgery staff. Thank you for your support.

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